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An engine mainly comprises of an engine block with cylinders, pistons, crank shaft, valves, seals and bearings etc. almost all of these parts are moving parts and function at blazing rates, several thousand times each minute, even when the engine is running at idle speed. The fast and repeated work makes the wear and tear to aggravate once its optimum condition is lost. In a rebuilt car engine all of these need to be either replaced or repaired for optimal condition. Precision in this is essential due to the high speed operation which magnifies the faults resulting in a dip in performance.

Another use of the rebuilt engines is one car two engines. If you have a car with a chassis that can be used for racing or high speed driving, this is for you. You can buy a powerful rebuilt engine and use it for driving off road or for racing, while you keep the economical engine for everyday. Many racing and speed enthusiasts opt for this choice. It is a cheaper one and thus well within the reach to go burn the rubber.

No doubt that the rebuilt car engines are cheaper than the new ones but still they are a price to pay. At this large expenditure, the goods you buy must cater your expectations to the fullest. Secondly the frequent breakdowns can not be tolerated. The rebuilt car engines come with a warranty for this reason. A typical warranty will cover up to three years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. The thing to notice is the items covered. Some remanufacturers will cover only the labor faults while others will also cover some if the faulty bits and pieces in the engine too. Remember that these are rebuilt engines and not new ones, thus the probability of a break down has to be considered high.
As we go on using the cars, the wear and tear takes place. It can be minimized with regular maintenance, but is inevitable. This works just like a fit and fine man. No matter how much does he exercise or has the fittest diet, he can only prolong the old age ailments. But at a later point, they do appear. The cars have an upper hand in this case. We can not transplant all the organs in a man to make him young but rebuilt car engines are possible. These are rejuvenated old engines. The broken and non working bits and pieces have been replaced and others repaired in these.

When your current engine is not working satisfactory or the performance dip is causing you loss in the business, replacing the engine is probably your only way out. The new engines are available in the market, but cost a lot, and not always affordable. In these situations, the rebuilt car engine can be an option. These cost less than the new ones, but work respectably closer to the performance of the new engines. These are usually the choice for the cars for rentals and similar business like cabs.
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