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1986 Lincoln Town Car Remanufactured Cylinder Head
1976 Ford Mustang II Remanufactured Long Engine Block
1975 Chevrolet / Chevy Camaro Remanufactured Long Engine Block
Description : V8, 5 L, 302 CID Cylinder Head
HO only!, Roller cam, Firing Order 13726548 .
Discount Price : $239.00
Core Deposit : $149.00
Fits : 1986 Lincoln Town Car
Part No : HD141513
Warranty : 7-Year/70,000 Mile
Description : L4, 2.3 L, 140 CID Rebuilt Engine
OHC, Oval Shaped Intake Ports, Also fits Courier 77-81
Discount Price : $1,194.00
Core Deposit : $199.00
Fits : 1976 Ford Mustang II Mach I
Part No : FOR-2300LB
Warranty : 7-Year/70,000 Mile
Description : L6, 4.1 L, 250 CID Rebuilt Engine
With smog, one barrel integral head, head #131, 042, 012, 133, valve cover 4-3/4" wide, with A/C.
Discount Price : $1,260.00
Core Deposit : $249.00
Fits : 1975 Chevrolet / Chevy Camaro
Part No : GMC-250MLB-1
Warranty : 7-Year/70,000 Mile