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When a car has been used for long, the engine starts to complain. Its repairs will require so many visits to the garage or the performance will be too poor which is not economical. This is most frequently the case with cars used for business. The rental cars are driven over large distances. Further they are not idle for long and are rented whenever possible, as the stopped income from one car affects the loan repayment and the general economics greatly. This acts as a engine deteriorating agent as lengthy repair schedules can not be followed by all. In these situations, a rebuilt car engine is an option.

New engines are always available in the market, but the prices are never comparable to the rebuilt ones. The rental business is generally not a very high margin business, but the quantity of the rentals per car or the mileage per rental makes the business. Thus a new engine is not the feasible choice for many. On the other hand, the rebuilt car engines cost way less and perform comparable to new ones. These reasons make them a favorite for engine replacement in the business auto owners.

In rebuilding, all the parts of the engine are checked for their condition and performance. The lower ones are either repaired or replaced if repair is not practical. Then the engine is re-assembled. The major components of any car engine are the engine block, pistons, crankshaft, the fuel and air delivery system, lubrication system, various bearings and seals etc. All of these need to match the performance of the new engines collectively as far as possible to make the rebuilt car engine a practical and viable option. The reliability is another issue that needs consideration with performance.

There is another advantage of these engines. You can upgrade for less paper. The racing enthusiasts are not all the rich in the town with loads of cash. The real life racing freaks can always buy a rebuilt muscle car engine to upgrade the ride. This will grant them an opportunity to have a racing car for the weekend and an economical runner for the remaining week. Even for the renters, this provides a good opportunity to earn the extra cream. People are likely to rent a car with some extra ponies under the hood for more money if available.

You are paying for the rebuilt car engine and obviously would expect a flawless working for years together. The fact that you paid less than a new engine does not alter this expectation much. Only the probability of break downs increases. As an assurance of the quality of the re-manufacturing of the engine, the engines come with a warranty. A typical one covers up to 100,000 miles or 3 years, whichever is reached earlier. The warranty will cover only the labor faults in the engine for most of the cases, and thus the warranty document needs to be understood carefully to benefit the most out of your money.
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